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Are you a Hotel or Guest Accommodation?

Oxford English Dictionary
A hotel (a noun). ‘An establishment providing accommodation and meals for travellers and tourists.

General definition – ‘An establishment that provides paid lodging on a short term basis.’

Her Majesties Revenue and Customs
HMRC use the following as a guideline -
The Hotel Proprietors Act 1956 defines ‘a hotel as an establishment held out by the proprietor as offering food and drink and, if required, sleeping accommodation’.

Your Guests?
Most holiday makers have their own understanding and expectations of a ‘hotel’. And this is based firmly in the traditional values of Comfort, Cleanliness and Friendliness.

So why settle for odd, ill-defined terms like ‘Guest Accommodation?’ when you are, to all intents and purposes and, most importantly, seen by your potential guests as really a HOTEL?



Accommodation providers can join today for £29.95 pa plus assessment. (Note:- Assessment is not required if another approved body like VisitBritain or the AA accreditation has been valid at anytime during the same calendar year)

The accommodation for Yes Hotel membership must pass an assessment by an experienced former professional hotelier if they have no current approval from another accreditation service. This costs only £29.95 and if your hotel is clean, comfortable and friendly and meets all the appropriate legislation there is no reason why it should not be accepted!

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