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Yes Hotels & Accommodation Providers will succeed together.

We provide brilliant professional support to Yes Hotel members and promote their businesses by investing in the Yes Hotels brand and the quality it represents.

Our comprehensive web site and support network provides first rate help for all trade related issues.

Quality is based on the common sense standards of cleanliness, comfort and friendliness.

We listen to our members and the market in general to ensure that our resources are fairly used for the best perceived benefits.

We will continue to expand the Yes Hotels brand to be known and respected as a national, common sense, quality standard to the public.

A proportion of local surplus funds generated by Yes Hotels will be given to local deserving causes.

Yes Hotels is a limited company. Its purpose is to operate as a professional brand and trade association for hotels and other holiday accommodation reaching specific quality levels. It provides advice & resources and promotional opportunities for its members.

Yes Hotels is community focused. This means that a proportion of surplus funds will be used for community projects. All remuneration, expenses and costs will be transparent and open to inspection.

Who Are Yes Hotels? Yes Hotels was incorporated in May 2009 following on-going informal discussions between local accommodation providers, professionals and other suppliers. The concept of Yes Hotels is specifically targeted to fill the gap left by the loss of the HOAST (Blackpool) grading system and to challenge the inconsistent / misleading use of the word 'Hotel' and 'stars' (see website for the debate).

Yes Hotels and Branding Promotion. Our sites and are already recording high entry levels on search engines. Our, current, other campaign is less high tech and all about, via the printed media and a prize draw, encouraging North West people to book a local break.

Yes Hotels Commitment & Progress! A number of successful and highly regarded local business people have given up their own time and skills to help make the concept of Yes Hotels come to life. The business advice, the IT development, administration and even the design and branding work have been given to Yes Hotels with the assumption of possibly no financial payback. Their main interest is help Blackpool and to follow the town motto of 'Progress'. All the best things in Blackpool, the Tower, the piers and the pleasure beach, were all conceived and built by private enterprise/risk. Without risk there is no flare, no fire, and no innovation. Why trust your own future as a business person / entreprenuer to salaried administrators?

Who are Yes Hotels?

Mark - Managing Director of Yes! Hotels Mark Smith Managing Director Yes Hotels
Mark, since leaving school in the late eighties has worked in the catering business from chef to catering manager for a large catering company. For more than a decade now has run his own business from sandwich shop in Newbury to owning a 30 bedroom room hotel within central area of Blackpool. Since selling his hotel he now runs a successful bookkeeping business doing many accounts for hotels and other types of business.

You can also find Mark here:

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Hoteliers - Join Today

Over 200 members and more joining every day.

Accommodation providers can join today for £34.95 pa plus assessment. (A statutory safety assessment is required at a cost of £10.00)

The accommodation for Yes Hotel membership must pass an assessment by an experienced former professional hotelier if they have no current approval from another accreditation service. This cost from only £34.95, and if your hotel is clean, comfortable and friendly and meets all the appropriate legislation there is no reason why it should not be accepted!

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